New Action Plan on

Working on getting leadership principles integrated with everyday life and work. is a habit tracker with a very good set up for accomplishing goals.

I’ve created a plan for taking the things you learn from leadership podcasts and books and putting them in to action. Check it out at

Have fun. And keep learning!

Traveling Between Cities

We’ve just returned from our second trip to Oregon. Usually we stay in Houston most of the winter but we have a project going on at the inn that requires our supervision.

I’m getting good at the traveling thing. Keeping a running list of items to exchange between cities. It’s tricky! For instance, I reach into the glove compartment certain I will find the thing I know put there only to realize — no, I put that thing in the other glove compartment, in the other car, in the other city –sheesh!

Apart from the occasional city switching confusion, I really do enjoy spending time in both places. I didn’t know I would at the outset of this bed and breakfast adventure. So glad :  )

In Houston for the winter

I am spending the next month here in Houston, enjoying some much needed down time before heading back to the inn in mid March.