I come from a big family – ten kids,  I was number nine. In 1987 I married a music major who has taken his career in a whole other direction. He is now an ER doc working 12 hour and sometimes 24 hour shifts. I have always loved him for who he is and I have a great admiration for his many accomplishments. We both grew up in Pennsylvania and love the mountains and going for hikes. And in May of 2010 we acquired a bed and breakfast in Ashland Oregon. It’s all the hard work we expected it to be but we have been truly blessed in working together in this new adventure. We love it!

 People describe me as laid back, peaceful and caring. I have always been fascinated with how people behave and relate to each other. So, much of my self directed learning has centered around psychology and the different personality types. Leadership Coach Training unlocked a lot of potential in me to further explore this area and have a positive impact on the people around me.

 My training with Lifeforming Leadership Coaching was completed in December ’07 and I have coached individuals and groups on various topics since then. I would have to describe my experience thus far as just incredibly wonderful and rocky at the same time. Wonderful because people are such treasures and I’m so honored when they choose to share their lives with me. The rocky part has more to do with me and how I am stretched as I reach farther and higher to be the best, most effective coach and leader that I can be.

Like they say “It’s a journey”. I sincerely hope that as we keep moving forward I get the chance to walk with you along the way.